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Resisting Cyber Monday’s Siren Call

Resisting Cyber Monday’s Siren Call;

Did you manage to get through Black Friday and Cyber Monday without buying something you otherwise wouldn’t have purchased? This is the first year in a very, very long time that I did. I had been procrastinating ordering my dogs’ medicine, so I used Ebates’ 6% cash back on Pet Care Rx as motivation to purchase their refills. And that was it. True story!


Preparing for Fallout 76 Beta

Preparing for Fallout 76 Beta ~ ForTheHoard.com

The Fallout 76 PC beta was made available for download on Friday. Those of us who have pre-ordered should be able to start playing next Tuesday. Since progress will (theoretically) carry over into the live game, the beta is essentially the beginning of a character’s journey in post-apocalypse West Virginia. I’ve been getting in the gaming mood by watching wasteland movies a la Mad Max: Fury Road and A Boy and His Dog and cryptozoological movies including The Mothman Prophesies. Here are my favorite Fallout 76 resources for preparing for October 30. They include build planning, lore, speculation and, yes, …

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Review: Darkness Rises Mobile Game

Review of Darkness Rises ~ ForTheHoard.com

Darkness Rises is an action RPG available on Android and iOS. As with most free-to-play games, it allows you to buy in-game currency (gems) with real money. Unlike most free-to-play mobile games I’ve tried, refusing to spend real money hasn’t prevented me from having a lot to do and from being able to increase the power of my character. It also satisfies in how interactive it is. I’m not watching a 2D image of my character wiggle while a damage count shows up above a 2D image of a boss. The real-time combat is immersive and finally lets me feel …