Preparing for Fallout 76 Beta ~

Preparing for Fallout 76 Beta

The Fallout 76 PC beta was made available for download on Friday. Those of us who have pre-ordered should be able to start playing next Tuesday. Since progress will (theoretically) carry over into the live game, the beta is essentially the beginning of a character’s journey in post-apocalypse West Virginia. I’ve been getting in the gaming mood by watching wasteland movies a la Mad Max: Fury Road and A Boy and His Dog and cryptozoological movies including The Mothman Prophesies. Here are my favorite Fallout 76 resources for preparing for October 30. They include build planning, lore, speculation and, yes, spoilers.

Anticipated BETA Play Times


Perk Card Build Calculator (by Nukes & Dragons)
Fallout 76 Perk Calculator by Nukes & Dragons


Fallout 76 – Beginners’ Guide & Character Builds (by Many a True Nerd)


FALLOUT 76 Info Dump: Hunter/Hunted Mode, Outfits, Supply Drops, & MORE! (by MrMattyPlays)


FALLOUT 76 B.E.T.A. Preparation Guide – All You Need To Know To Be Ready! (by MrMattyPlays) – Check out more from MrMattyPlays.


Fallout 76 West Virginia Folklore | Cryptid #1 – The Mothman (by FatalKrouzer)


Bethesda’s Vault-Tec Cartoons (playlist by joseph hayes)


The Making of Fallout 76 – a noclip documentary


And to temper my story-focused, solo play, PvE-only expectations, I watch I think Fallout 76 Has Some More Issues Than I Originally Thought (Gameplay Impressions) and other videos by JuiceHead.

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