Phew. Anyone else hit that January wall? Using this and last year as data, I’d say mid-January is when the lack of sunshine starts really taking a toll. I feel it in December, but I can run on reserves of goodwill for a little while. But the tanks are dry now! I’d hoped to dodge seasonal depression/irritation this year because there hasn’t been too much snow, but I guess it really is a sunshine thing. I shall slightly recharge with an afternoon off spent at a local tea house with a friend. Just thinking about it is cheering me up. To tea and tiny sandwiches!

That’s it! This is just a short post to check in at least once a week and keep myself moving forward. Dishes still need to be finished. Not the same dishes, but I never consider them really “done” until everything is put away at the same time. It’s like an umpire is waiting on that last cabinet door to close before shouting “Safe!” Laundry is still going from dryer to couch to body to pile to washer to dryer to… you get the rest. Gotta get “put away” in between couch and body and replace “pile” with “hamper.” I’m starting to feel the hope of spring getting here and it’s reminding me of my 25 Cent Sale idea. *rubs hands together* We’ll save that for another post!

Are you having difficulty powering through winter? Feel free to rant below and I’ll commiserate with you. Fair warning:
When I’m not down, I’m up, and I don’t like to be down, so be prepared for a “that sucks, but we can always hope for and work toward something better!”

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