Cleanup & Maintenance

Regain Space by Collapsing Shipping Boxes

Do you do a lot of online shopping? Does it lead to cardboard creep, shipping containers that pile up quicker than you deal with them? I’d like to share my strategy for tackling these boxes. It’s not the most efficient way, because that’s probably to take care of them as they come into the house, but it’s the “this is what I can do now” way.

Another Blog Post on Hoarding ~

Audiobooks to Clean to

I took a week off work for both a relaxing break from the busy beginning of the year and a chance to focus on a deep decluttering of my house. I usually listen to Dana K. White’s How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind to keep me motivated while I clean and declutter, but this time I’ve chosen a few titles I’ve never listened to before. Take a look and let me know if you’ve listened to any!

Another Blog Post on Hoarding ~

When I Consider Neighbors – or – Some Days I Want to Just Throw It All Away

How was your weekend? Despite the accumulation of snow and one of my dogs sliding on the icy porch to scrape a strip of skin from her chin, mine was pretty good. We made tasty, toasty food, watched a ton of Buzzfeed Unsolved, braved the frigid air to walk the doggies, and even got in some gaming. We did a fair job of keeping up on the dishes in that there are less waiting now than before we started two days of cooking. And I started folding laundry again while my bed linens were in the wash. So both a relaxing and productive weekend for me.

And yet, Sunday night I was once again frustrated with the state of my house. I blame the snow.

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Turning Chores into Daily Quests

I put off washing the dishes Tuesday night when my partner, who hasn’t been feeling well, asked that I spend time with them instead. I’m wasn’t going to abandon them in their evening of need, so dishes will just have to wait till my next free evening (Thursday). But I did get the idea to turn this chore into a daily quest to hopefully make it a little more interesting and rewarding. I’ve been toying with the idea of gamifying the tedious parts of my life. The working title of this IRL RPG is Meatspace. Read on for my motivation and ideas.

Another Blog Post on Hoarding ~

Will You Accept the Dish Washing Quest?

Now that vacations and holidays are completely over for me (sad face), I feel I need to take stock of where I currently am versus where I want to be on the house maintenance front. By maintenance, I mean keeping an area of the house in the same state. I may not be making it better, but I’m not letting it get any worse. Read on to see how I’m doing.

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