Guild Wars 2 Owns My Free Time

Balance. It’s one of my goals. Balance in tackling my home. Balance in hobbies. Yep. Yep yep yep. So let me admit where I have been lacking balance lately. It’s gaming. I know you saw it coming, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating to have to admit. Specifically, I’ve fallen in love with Guild Wars 2. And I’m barely doing any housework or other hobbies because I’d rather be playing. Balance fail. Balance fail!!

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When I Consider Neighbors – or – Some Days I Want to Just Throw It All Away

How was your weekend? Despite the accumulation of snow and one of my dogs sliding on the icy porch to scrape a strip of skin from her chin, mine was pretty good. We made tasty, toasty food, watched a ton of Buzzfeed Unsolved, braved the frigid air to walk the doggies, and even got in some gaming. We did a fair job of keeping up on the dishes in that there are less waiting now than before we started two days of cooking. And I started folding laundry again while my bed linens were in the wash. So both a relaxing and productive weekend for me.

And yet, Sunday night I was once again frustrated with the state of my house. I blame the snow.